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July 19, 2011


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Kacy Miller

As an experienced jury consultant, I want to personally thank you for spreading the word! Pretrial research comes in many formats- a full blown mock trial, a more basic focus group or even a small-group study designed specifically for your case- and every single format has amazing benefits to the trial team, the client, and the jury consultant.

Another benefit of conducting a mock trial is the powerful and oh-so-enlightening process of jury deliberations. Sure, we are all interested in the "verdict" and "the winner/loser," but it's also important to focus on the process by which jurors reach their decisions and the themes that arise during those discussions. Many times my clients will listen to deliberations and say, "Where did the jury hear that? Were they in the same room we were?"

Oftentimes, the jury focuses on an element of the case that the trial team has dismissed as irrelevant or too minor to emphasize. Or, the team focuses on an issue that they think is critical, but the jury doesn't. When we sit back and listen to what the mock jurors tell us, the team can then modify strategy to make sure that we provide the actual jury with the tools they can rely upon when making decisions. Hopefully, decisions that favor our client!

Great article! Thanks again for sharing the power of a mock!

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