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October 25, 2012


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Concealed Carry Advocate

Agreed. If 18-year-olds are old enough to die in war and to vote, they should be able to buy guns or drink, if they want to. Otherwise, the draft and voting age should be raised to twenty. Where's the consistency? Either they are or they aren't adults!

soliciotrs london

Strange dichotomy 18 years can go to war fight their country (using very hard heavy artillery) but not buy a gun if they are under 21 strange law. But even stranger to us Brits is the fact that anyone can buy gun on any street corner. I read recently ,following the cinema shootings in colorado, instead of greater gun control, students were being allowed to arm themselves in colleges and universities.....gobsmacked

Mike Moeller

So, America does not really have a 2nd Amendment, or a Bill of Rights. We send 18 year olds off to war (along with everything from signing contacts to assessing the death penalty), but we will not allow them to buy a handgun or an alcoholic beverage. This is another example of how far this nation has fallen from our values of freedom and liberty and how sorry this nation has become.

Max Kennerly

Outrageous! The government SUBSIDIZES children's television programming, yet CRIMINALIZES the sale of handguns to them! It's totally unfair. Discriminatory, in fact. Gun manufacturers should sue PBS directly.

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